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The Importance of Staying Active

To improve heart health through exercise, add activities that you enjoy and that you can perform several times per week. Add both aerobic and strength training activities for maximum heart health benefit.

Don't Over Do It Initially

If you are currently sedentary, start with just a few minutes of activity each day. Your heart and muscles will soon respond and the exercise will become easier.

Then you can add more time until you're performing the right amount of physical activity each day.

Make Staying Active a Group Activity

Support from others can mean success for your exercise plan. Ask friends to join you on your weekly walks or trips to the gym. Joining groups that focus on physical activity can also help make exercise a part of you life. Scheduling tennis lessons, group dancing or hiking groups can keep you active and healthy.

Use Your Own Energy Instead

There are many opportunities throughout the day to use human energy instead of electricity or fuel. If you live close enough, walk or bike to do errands. Instead of using the elevator, take the stairs. Instead of electric garden shears, use hand clippers.

Stay Active By Doing More of the Same

If you have a favorite place or activity, try adding time for exercise. If you like going to the beach, be sure to add a long walk each time. If you like the mall, walk the length of the mall several times. If you enjoy spending time with your children or grandchildren, spend more time with active play.


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