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When it comes to keeping your heart healthy, dietary supplements definitely play a role. Heartmart tells you what kinds of foods you need to eat to stay healthy and which ones should only be consumed in small amounts for optimum heart health.

Omega-3 supplements are good for your heart health, too. People who don't like fish or who don't eat enough of it in their diet can get the benefits of this legitimate dietary supplement by taking it as a capsule.

Heartmart also tells site visitors what other foods contain Omega-3 and how much should be consumed each day for optimal health.

Plant sterols can be found in some foods, and they help to lower blood cholesterol. Heartmart explains which foods contain this supplement and what the recommended daily amount is.

Many people take a multivitamin on a daily basis in case they don't get the nutrients they need from their diet alone. Heartmart gives you tips on choosing the right vitamin for you and shares the facts about vitamin and mineral supplements you may want to consider. When you go into a store and look at labels on vitamin containers, you will have a better idea of what ingredients should be included before you make a decision to buy.

Herbs and botanicals can also provide some health benefits, and we give you information you can use to make good choices about whether to include these in your routine. Using the right dietary supplements can help you to achieve your goal of good heart health. Taking vitamins doesn't take the place of eating properly in the first place, but it can add to what you are currently doing to stay healthy.

Heartmart gives you helpful information about how you can incorporate dietary supplements into your daily routine to improve your overall health. On the following pages learn about:



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