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Diet Plans for Cardiovascular & Heart Health

Staying healthy includes a number of elements, and a heart healthy diet is one of them. This strategy goes hand in hand with getting regular checkups and staying physically active. Do you know what constitutes a healthy diet for your heart?

Heartmart gives you the facts about low fat diets for heart health. Eating a high fiber diet is good for your heart, and Heartmart explains why you need to have this important element in your diet. You will also find suggestions for adding more fiber to your diet.

Most North Americans consume far too much salt in their diet. This substance is used in many processed foods and it is usually available on the table at mealtime.

Find out how much sodium you should be ingesting each day and which common foods contain a lot of it.

If you want to get suggestions for healthy eating, Heartmart has that topic covered as well. Check out the Mediterranean Diet for tips on how to eat well and stay healthy. The components of this type of eating add up to a healthier heart.

Another option for people who want to have a healthier heart is the DASH Diet Menu. This is an option to help people with high blood pressure to bring their levels down to a normal range. It's a balanced eating plan that also helps to bring sodium levels down.

Some fat is essential for good health, but too much saturated fats can increase the risk of heart disease. By controlling your intake of foods containing this substance, you can reduce your risk of heart disease. Check out the recommended levels of saturated fat intake for different calorie levels to determine how much is right for you.

Trans fats are another substance that need to be kept to a minimum if you want to follow a heart healthy diet. Find out which foods are likely to contain trans fats and learn how to avoid them at Heartmart. Learn more on the following pages:



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