Defibrillators in Public Places Save Lives

When someone goes into cardiac arrest, getting medical help promptly can improve their chance of survival. If defibrillators were installed in more locations where people gather, the patient can get help before the time when they could experience brain damage or die, which is between four and six minutes.

A study released in Circulation on July 29, 2009, found that most cardiac arrests that occurred outside of hospitals occurred in one of these locations:

  • Central Bus Terminals
  • Large Shopping Centers
  • Sports Centers
  • Train Stations

If Automated External Defibrillators, or AEDs, were installed in more public places, as well as schools, then the survival rate for cardiac arrest outside of hospitals would improve. Installing them in areas where large numbers of people meet can save lives. The cost of taking this step seems to be well worth the investment.

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