Climb Your Way to a Great Cardio Workout

When your goal is to get your heart rate up and burn calories, two great choices are the treadclimber and the versa climber. Both of these exercise machines will give you are great workout that will help to strengthen your heart muscle and lower your risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and high blood pressure.

Another advantage to getting on a climber or any type of exercise equipment is that it’s a natural stress-buster and antidepressant. If you are having issues with feeling like you have far too many balls in the air and you are expected to juggle all of them or your whole world is in shades of gray and you don’t feel much of anything, get yourself down to the gym and get on one of these machines.

The treadclimber looks like a strange combination of a treadmill and a Stairmaster. Looking at instructions for how to use a treadmill will help you somewhat with this one, but instead of walking or running on a belt that is in a single piece, the treadclimber has two of them. Each one rises and falls as you step on them, which means that you can’t run on the treadclimber, but you can walk at a comfortable rate of speed.

With this piece of exercise equipment, you control how slow or how fast the movement is. If you find that you are moving a bit too quickly, you can adjust your speed to bring the twin treadmills down to a more manageable level. On the flip side, if you feel that you are moving well with the speed as is, you can give your workout a bit more intensity by pushing down on the treadmills harder.

As its name implies, the versa climber requires the user to work against gravity. You would position your feet in the footholds at the base of the machine and hold onto the handles located close to the top. From there, you alternate pushing down with each foot to make a climbing motion.

This particular cardio exercise machine will give you a challenging workout in just a few minutes. If you are looking for something that will get your heartbeat elevated and keep it there, this could be just the piece of machinery you are looking for.

If you decide to include the versa climber in your workout routine, get on the machine for a few minutes and then switch to another option, such as a stationary bike, so that you can continue to get the benefit of working out in this manner.