How to Choose the Right Treadmill

If you have decided that you want to have the convenience of having a treadmill in your home, how do you decide which one is right for you? Before you start looking in stores or online, take some time to think about how you will be using the equipment.

You need to be honest with yourself about whether you will be walking on the treadmill or you are planning to run or jog on it. Another consideration is how much space you have available to use and store the unit. Add your budget to the list and you will be ready to start considering different options.

Walking or Running?

When you are trying to choose the right treadmill, consider whether you will be walking on it only or if you are or will be jogging or running for a cardio workout. The reason this is important is that if you plan to move faster than a brisk walk, the treadmill will be subjected to a higher degree of punishment.

A higher quality treadmill will be better able to resist the kind of pounding that takes place when you are running on it. Before making your choice, be sure to ask about the level of shock absorption that the models you are considering have to offer. Choosing one that has good shock absorption means that you will have less wear and tear on your knees and legs while using it.

Space Considerations

Treadmills come in foldable and static models. When space is at a premium or you are planning to use the room where you will be using the treadmill for other purposes as well, consider a foldable deck model.

If the treadmill will be placed in a space dedicated to exercise and stability is a main consideration, a static model is a better choice. This type of treadmill is more durable, since there is no joint between the deck and the frame.

There are good quality treadmills available in both deck styles, though, and having limited space doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t buy one that will stand up well.


When you are looking for the right treadmill, your budget is a definite consideration. You will definitely get what you pay for when you decide to buy a treadmill for home use. Before making your final decision, be sure to ask whether the unit comes with a manufacturer’s warranty for your protection.

To get a treadmill that has several programs, an EKG monitor, power speed control and incline and a good level of shock absorption, you will be looking to spend a minimum of $1,000. Units retailing for $2,500 and up have more features, including up to 12 programs, a maximum weight limit of up to 500 lbs. and an interactive display panel.