Which Rowing Machine Type is Right for You?

If you are looking for home gym equipment that can provide you with a total body workout, consider investing in a rowing machine. Not only can they provide you with an excellent cardio workout to help lower the risk of heart disease, heart attack and stroke, but they also help you build muscle strength as well.

This is a good choice for people who enjoy rowing or kayaking as a fitness activity and who want to keep fit in the off season or those who want to build lean muscle without necessarily having to lift or pull a weight upward to do so. Being able to sit down while performing the activity may be more comfortable for some people and be more enjoyable than standard strength training.

Before you can decide which rowing machine is the best choice for your home gym, you will need to consider the different styles available carefully. Your evaluation should include considering each one for ease of use, how they generate resistance and cost.

Hydraulic Rowing Machine

This model is the least expensive style available on the market. It uses two hydraulic pins to create resistance when the user pulls on the machine’s handles. With this type of model, it can be very difficult to create a fluid motion with the machine. Some people find it very uncomfortable to use, and these individuals would be better off considering a different model for their home gym equipment needs. Pricing for this type of rowing machine starts at approximately $150.

Air Rowing Machines

The air rowing machine is the type of equipment that you are most likely to find in a gym or health club. The tension is created by the flywheel located at the front of the machine. The person using the machine pulls back on a chain. When this action occurs, the flywheel takes in air and creates resistance. The faster the user rows, the more resistance the user feels while using the machine. Price ranges for this type of machine can vary from $400-$1,600, depending on the model.

Water Rowing Machines

A water rowing machine is the most sophisticated model available. The design incorporates a steel paddle in a circular tank, which helps to create an experience that is similar to rowing on water. Resistance is created by the drag the water creates as it moves in the tank. As the water movement increases in speed, the user experiences a higher level of resistance when rowing. You can expect to spend between $900-$2,500 for a water rowing machine, depending on the type of specific model and the type of wood used.