How to Make Your Own Weight Set

You don’t necessarily need to go to the gym to be able to work out with weights. You can decide to make your own weight set and have it available to you at any time you choose.

If you are new to using weights as part of your exercise routine or you simply want to do so on a budget, you can make your own using items that you have around the house. Milk jugs, canned food items, or packages of rice or beans can be used for this purpose. You can even use a pair of socks to make a workout weight for yourself.

Make Kettlebells Using Milk Jugs

Take a clean milk jug (a large juice container with a handle can also be used) and fill it with water. You can now use it in the same way that you would use a kettlebell at the gym. To vary the weight for your workout, simply add or empty out some of the water. Don’t forget to drink water while exercising to avoid dehydration. Read our post about the safety of energy drinks from last week.

Make Mini-Weights

Your kitchen cupboard can also provide you with the materials for making mini-weights. Grab a bag of rice of beans and use it to make mini dumbbells. Just grab them and you can start your workout right away.

Canned Foods for Hand Weights

When you are looking for something you can use as a hand weight, check your kitchen cupboards for some ideas. Soup cans can be used as small weights, and larger cans can be substituted as your level of fitness improves and you want to get a more challenging workout.

Socks as Wrist Weights

A quick and easy way to make your own weight set is to take a pair of old (clean) socks and fill them with dry beans. You can also use small pebbles for this purpose. Once you have filled the socks to the desired level, glue or sew the open ends closed.

Next, sew the ends together or use Velcro to hold them in place. You now have a set of weights that you can use on your wrists or ankles as you work out.

More Challenging Options

If you want to lift more weight and get a more challenging workout, visit your local hardware or home improvement store to get some sand bags. You can vary the weight by adding or removing some of the sand, and you can hold the bag while performing exercises for your strength training workout.

You can also fill a five-pound pail with water, sand or rocks and use it to work out with. Instead of using a standard weight set, lift the pail. You can also attach two pails to a board or a bar and use it as a bench press. If you decide to do this exercise, get a friend to act as a spotter to lower the risk of injury.