Treadmill or Exercise Bike: Which Workout is Best?

Cycling and walking or jogging are all popular forms of exercise and they can be performed by healthy people at any level of fitness. A person who is trying to adopt an active lifestyle to improve overall health can start off slowly and increase the length and intensity of the workout over time.

Choosing to use a treadmill or an exercise bike means that a person who wants to get and stay fit doesn’t have to venture outside to do so. Both of these pieces of exercise equipment provide a number of benefits for users, including improved cardiovascular health, a more positive outlook and lower blood pressure.

Given that both pieces of equipment offer health benefits to users, is one better than the other? A person who is looking for one item for home use may find it difficult to choose one over the other. No solution is going to work for everyone, but by taking a good look at workout style and preferences, an individual can make the right choice.

Exercise Equipment and Motivation

Some people enjoy working out and for them getting physical is something that is an ingrained part of their life that they would miss if they weren’t able to do it. Others need to have the right motivation to help keep them on track; otherwise they start with the best of intentions but are unable to keep going over the long term.

To stick with an exercise program, these individuals need a plan to stave off boredom. In this instance, an excise bike may be a better choice than a treadmill, since it offers more options to the user.

The control panel on the unit can be set to provide the person riding the bike with an experience that mimics riding on a flat piece of road, going up and down hills or other types of terrain. The user can listen to music, play games, watch television or even read while using the bike. For safety reasons, a person using a treadmill is limited to watching TV or listening to music.

Workout Results on Treadmill and Exercise Bike

If a person is comparing a treadmill and exercise bike based on results, the best choice would be the treadmill. People who use a treadmill burn more calories than those who use an exercise bike.

Not everyone wants to use a treadmill over an exercise bike, and this is not the best choice for people who have joint trouble. To avoid injury, a person must concentrate more closely on what he or she is doing while using a treadmill to avoid a slip and fall injury.

When comparing treadmills and exercise bikes, which one is the best choice? A person who is well motivated to work out who wants to get better results in less time would probably be better off with the treadmill. Those who are concerned about getting bored while exercising can get better benefits from using an exercise bike.

Exercise Equipment: the Exercise Bike

An exercise bike can be a great choice for people who want to stay active. A person can buy one to be part of his or her home gym equipment, or they are readily available at most health clubs or at the gym.

A program of regular exercise provides a number of health benefits, including lowering the risk of developing cardiovascular disease. Getting physical can also help to regulate blood sugar for patients diagnosed with Type II diabetes. Before starting any exercise program, do see your doctor to make sure you are healthy enough to work out and that the level of activity you have in mind is not too strenuous.

Choosing to use an exercise bike for a workout means that the participant has a similar experience to being out on the road, without having to worry about keeping his or her balance on uneven terrain or dealing with inclement weather. An exercise bike also provides the rider more flexibility in his or her workout because the settings can be adjusted to make the ride as easy or as challenging as the rider needs.

Types of Exercise Bikes

There are four basic types of exercise bikes:

Wind Bikes are the lowest-priced models on the market, which makes them a very popular choice among consumers. As the rider pedals, the movement causes a fan to turn. This is the motion that creates resistance, and it also means that the wind bike can be a noisy choice for a workout.

Magnet bikes use one or more magnets to create resistance when in use. This bike has the advantage of not being as noisy to operate as a wind bike. This type of equipment is also more expensive to buy than a wind bike.

The third type of exercise bike is a fluid-based training bike. This is a good choice for people preparing for a bike race who want to be able to practice indoors. The bike uses hydraulics to create resistance during use. The harder the rider pedals, the more resistance is created.

The most expensive type of exercise bike is the turbo trainer. This is the type used by professionals and it provides an experience that is very similar to taking a bike out on the road. The operator can set the bike to the level of resistance he or she wants to get a better workout. Most turbo exercise bikes have a display screen where a rider can see his or her heart rate, as well as the bike’s speed and the length of the workout.

Before you choose an exercise bike for home use, take the time to try different models to see which one feels right for you. You may want to consider renting or buying used exercise equipment to keep the cost of getting fit down to a budget-friendly level.

Pilates Offer Many Benefits to Participants

Pilates is a very popular way of exercising, and for good reason. This workout improves core abdominal strength and decreases pain in the neck, back and joints. And it’s more fun than an exercise ball work out routine. Pilates enthusiasts also report increased flexibility and better range of motion. Posture and circulation improve as well.

It’s not meant to be one type of exercise only, but rather a system of working out that may include work on exercise mats as well as equipment. The equipment is a good place for a beginner to start, since it gives the participant support while they are attempting to do the exercises.

Along with these impressive benefits, what other reasons are there to sign up for a Pilates class? Check them out here:

Increased Body Awareness

Pilates exercises are done deliberately and with control at all times. The focus is on the body’s core and the movements start there and radiate out. Improved core strength makes gives the Pilates enthusiast better posture, which helps to lower the incidence of neck and back pain.

Abdominal Strength

Taking Pilates may not give all participants a washboard stomach, but it will help participants develop flexibility in their midsection. This is a good exercise choice for people who aren’t necessarily interested in developing a hard body look, but who are looking for balance and flexibility instead.

A good overall fitness routine, including aerobic exercise and strength training, can help to change a person’s body shape, but it’s not a quick fix. Being patient and taking a long-term view can help to improve a person’s overall fitness, though.

Body Control

After getting some experience with Pilates, the participant learns how to move whole sets of muscles together. If the student has learned the techniques properly, moving becomes a deliberate act that exemplifies grace and control at all times.

Before starting Pilates or any other type of exercise routine, check with a physician. While this form of exercise can help people who are living with back or joint pain, it’s important to get a proper diagnosis so you can get the most out of the exercise program. This type of movement exercise can help to manage pain, but it should be part of an overall treatment program that is being done under medical supervision.