3 Ways High Blood Pressure Affects Your Body

by Jodee on June 14, 2009

High blood pressure affects your body in a number of ways, and none of them are good for your health. If your blood pressure is elevated, it can lead to bleeding in the brain caused by weakened blood vessels. Having a stroke can cause weakness, trouble with balance, difficulty swallowing, poor judgment, and depression.

Some vision problems can be caused by high blood pressure. If the high blood pressure is not brought down to a healthier level, it can cause blood vessels in the eye to bleed or even burst. Blurred vision or even blindness may result.

Kidney damage can also be caused by high blood pressure. The blood vessels supplying the kidneys can become narrowed and as a result, the kidneys are less efficient at filtering out fluid. Waste products are not eliminated from the body, leading to kidney failure.

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