Heart Procedures

When a heart problem is diagnosed, doctors may choose to treat it with one of the heart procedures available to them. Some, such as the heart transplant, are familiar to most people, but did you know that cardiac surgeons can perform heart valve surgery to correct defects in this part of the organ?

A person who has been diagnosed with coronary artery disease may need to undergo a coronary artery bypass, and aneurysm repair is another type of surgical procedure.

Other heart procedures that may be ordered include cardiac catheterization and angioplasty procedure. When health-threatening plaque is detected in the arteries in the neck area, a Cartoid Endarterectomy may be performed to correct the situation. In other parts of the body, an Angioplasty Procedure is used to remove the buildup and keep the blood flowing freely.

When the heart is not pumping correctly, the doctors’ skills in treating cardiac arrhythmias can help to restore it to proper functioning. When a person’s heart stops, defibrillation is used to give it a shock to get it started again. In a situation where doctors need to determine whether the heart is beating properly, an electrocardiogram is a non-invasive procedure that gives them the necessary information to decide whether further testing is required.

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