Thicker Thighs Reduce Risk of Heart Attack

by Jodee on September 7, 2009

Having skinny legs may increase your risk of heart disease. The results of a new study put a positive spin on having something more substantial than chicken legs. The results, which have been published in the September 4, 2009 edition of the British Medical Journal, state that there is a link between the circumference of a person’s thighs and their risk of heart disease (and dying at a young age).

The study was conducted with 2,800 participants, who were all approximately 50 years of age. The risk of heart attack was double for those participants (male and female) with thighs measuring less than 22 inches (55 cm). People whose thighs measured between 22 and 24 inches (55-60 cm) had a certain level of protection against heart disease. Unfortunately, this protection isn’t present in people with a thigh circumference larger than 24 inches (60 cm).

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