Early Menopause Linked to Heart Disease

by Jodee on July 27, 2010

Women who go through menopause in their mid-forties are at increased risk of various heart disease, according to researchers. The results, which were released at a meeting of the Endocrine Society in San Diego, indicate that going through menopause before age 46 may put a woman at double the risk for a heart attack or stroke later on in life.

Taking hormone replacement therapy doesn’t lower the risk for women who go through the change of life early. Taking artificial hormones was recommended as a way to reduce the risk of developing heart disease in menopausal women.

A woman who knows she is at higher risk for cardiac issues can take steps to monitor her health more closely, such as eating well and getting regular exercise. She can also get her blood pressure and cholesterol checked regularly. If the levels increase beyond a normal level, the doctor can discuss an appropriate treatment plan with her that may include lifestyle changes and/or medication.

Even if a woman doesn’t go through menopause early, she should still see her doctor for regular checkups. If the doctor doesn’t bring up the issue of heart disease prevention, the woman should do so. Checking cholesterol levels should be part of this process, especially if there is a family history of high cholesterol.

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