Three Types of Angina

by Jodee on September 7, 2009

Angina is considered a warning sign of heart disease, but being diagnosed with this condition is not the same as suffering a heart attack. There are three types of angina that you need to be aware of:

Stable Angina occurs when the heart doesn’t have access to the level of oxygen-rich blood that it needs. Each episode feels the same, and the patient experiences them when performing the same kinds of activities. Rest and/or medications are prescribed to relieve the symptoms.

Unstable angina may be a precursor to a heart attack. It can be treated with medications, but the symptoms may worsen when the patient is at rest. Unstable angina is considered a medical emergency and prompt treatment at a hospital is required.

Variant angina is not a common condition. It occurs when the blood flow to the heart muscle is disrupted due to a spasm in the coronary artery and may lead to a heart attack.

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