Fitness Jobs and Health Careers

Heartmart editors primarily focus on heart diseases – causes, prevention, and treatment. If you have been reading our blog then you know this already. It’s somewhat of a tangent, but we have set up a health and fitness jobs list, which is full of employment opportunities. The board is updated every day and includes openings for dietitians, nutritionists, fitness instructors, strength and conditioning coaches, personal trainers, and so forth.

Obviously, some positions require a great deal of training, advanced degrees, or perhaps certifications. But if you’re someone who has been struggling to get healthy then perhaps finding a part-time or full-time at a health club could prove helpful. Health clubs give their employees free or substantially discounted facility access. Being around a bunch of people who are exercising…heck, if that’s not motivation to get in or stay in shape – what is?

Similarly, if you’re motivated to get your body (and heart) into shape it could also be helpful to work at a diet center or any type of health oriented facility. Right? As an employee you gain access to consultants!

So check out our fitness job board. Bookmark it.

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