What to Look for In Used Fitness Equipment

by Jodee on October 29, 2010

If you want to set up a home gym or invest in an exercise machine so that you can stay fit, you may want to consider buying used fitness equipment. Investing in previously-owned exercise equipment can save you big money over buying brand new. Here are some tips to help you if you are wondering how to pick out a used treadmill, exercise bike or rowing machine:

Check Out the Equipment Before Buying It

Rather than look at buying a piece of exercise equipment you have never used before, consider only purchasing something that you have actually used. If you have not been a gym before, get a trial membership that will allow you to check out different pieces of exercise equipment.

You want to be sure that you are choosing a piece of used fitness equipment that you will feel comfortable using and that you will continue to use for some time after you buy it. Many people start a workout routine as a way to improve overall fitness, but they fall by the wayside shortly thereafter. A piece of fitness equipment should not be turned into an expensive clothes hanger.

Buy Brand Name Items

When you are looking for used fitness equipment, buy quality pieces. Choosing a cheap brand means that you will be getting something that likely won’t wear as well. Buying something that is well made is always a good choice.

Inspect the Item Thoroughly

If you are buying the used exercise equipment privately, you are buying the item “as is.” It’s up to you to check it thoroughly. If you find cracks, rust, or signs of wear on the item, you may want to pass.

Test the equipment to make sure it works properly. If you are told that the item needs to have a part replaced, check to make sure that you can locate it easily and that you are prepared to pay to have the equipment repaired before you buy it.

Your inspection should include making sure that any safety features on the equipment work properly. Make sure that any wires attached to the unit are free from signs of wear and that if the piece of equipment has an emergency shut-off button, it is working properly.

Ask About a Warranty

Depending on the age of the piece of equipment, it may still be under warranty. It’s a good idea to check with the manufacturer to find out whether this is the case and to see if the used fitness equipment you are considering has ever been recalled.

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