Resistance Band Exercises for Upper Body

Resistance bands are a popular and effective choice for people who want to stay fit. These flexible pieces of latex or synthetic materials are available with and without a handle. Available in different strengths, they are used to develop strength and flexibility.

For people who are traveling for business or pleasure, choosing exercise bands to work out with is a great choice. They are lightweight and fit easily into a suitcase without adding a lot of bulk like trying to pack free weights would.

When using exercise bands for an upper body workout, be sure to move slowly and throughout the movement. Your goal is to control the movement as you are pulling on the resistance band and releasing it. Once you have some experience using resistance bands for fitness, consider working with a shorter section of band to get a higher level of tension throughout the range of movement.

Resistance Band Exercises for Biceps and Triceps

A basic exercise that you can start with is a simple bicep curl. Start by positioning the band under your feet and holding one end in each hand. At the beginning of the movement, your arms should be held down at your sides. Pull your arms up toward your shoulders and slowly lower them again.

When working out, it’s important to work both sides of a muscle and performing a triceps extension exercise is a good addition to your exercise band workout routine. The first step is to attach the middle of the band to a high object. Grasp an end of the band in each hand; elbows should be bent and parallel to the floor. While keeping the upper arm still, straighten the elbows until the arms are fully extended. Move your arms back to the starting position, taking care not to use a jerky motion.

An overhead tricep extension is another option for an upper body workout with exercise bands. To start, step onto one end of the resistance band and grasp the other end firmly in one hand. Position your arm so that the elbow is pointed toward the ceiling and your hand is behind you. Slowly straighten your elbow and raise your hand until it is pointed toward the ceiling. Once the arm has been fully extended, slowly bring it back to the starting position.

These resistance bands exercises will help you to tone your arms, shoulders and upper back. They can be part of an overall fitness workout that you can perform in your home or at the gym.

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