Can You Get Fit with Wii Games?

by Jodee on February 17, 2011

Wii Fit, a new component available for the Wii gaming console, was introduced to the North American buying public in May of 2008. It was marketed as a way for people to get off the couch and improve their level of fitness without leaving home to do so.

Nintendo, the company that developed the Wii Fit, offers a number of virtual games for consumers to play, including bowling, tennis, boxing, golf and boxing. To play them, a customer must first purchase the Wii console. A balance board and exercise CD is available separately.

The balance board measures 12 inches x 20 inches and it’s made of plastic. It looks like a smaller version of the steps that are used in aerobics classes. Consumers who are interested in using the Wii for fitness will need to buy a balance board, since all the exercises for the game system are performed either on the board or beside it. The board lets the user know whether he or she is correctly positioned on it and can also be used as a scale.

Advantages of Using Wii for Getting Fit

Many of the exercises offered with the Wii system are aimed at strengthening the body core, in much the same way that Pilates uses controlled movements. Yoga to develop strength and flexibility is also available, and the user can choose from several poses to try. The game console provides feedback to the user on how steadily he or she is holding the pose.

Buyers can choose from a variety of fitness activities when they purchase a Wii Fit. Strength training and aerobics are also offered through the system.

The system provides a virtual trainer to guide the user through the motions required to perform the exercise properly. The individual can see exactly how to complete the activity, and the trainer also provides verbal encouragement while the user is exercising. This positive feedback can help to stay on track.

Disadvantages of Using Wii for Fitness

Wii Fit does have some fun activities, but at its heart it is a video game. Using it will probably not provide a user with enough physical activity to lose weight or even increase his or her level of fitness to a great extent.

A number of people buy the Wii Fit and see themselves using it regularly to stay fit. After a short time, they lose interest and stop using it. An individual will not be able to get any fitness benefit from Wii Games if they are not being used at all. A much better choice is to put on a sturdy pair of shoes and go out for a walk as a fitness activity.

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