Best Exercise Equipment for Seniors

Regular exercise can benefit people of all ages, and seniors are no exception. People over the age of 65 can continue to lead active lives, and exercise can help them to feel better physically and mentally.

An older adult may wish to invest in some special exercise shoes and then go to the gym to check out a low-impact piece of exercise equipment like a recumbent bike to get started with. Getting on a treadmill is also a good choice, since they have bars that a user can hold onto for balance. The user can start with a very simple walking workout and can vary the speed and angle of the belt if he or she wishes.

Once an older adult has been exercising for a time, he or she can start using exercise machines. Enlisting the help of a personal trainer can help the senior find the best exercise equipment for his or her level of fitness and long-term goals. Not only can the trainer provide instruction on how to use each machine, but the senior will learn how to breathe properly while using the equipment.

When trying to find the best exercise equipment for seniors, it may be best to avoid buying items like treadmills that are folded when not in use. A heavy piece of equipment may be too challenging for an older adult to move easily when he or she wishes to use it. A treadmill that has a quick start program that doesn’t require the user to enter several numbers is a good choice, especially for people who may have trouble seeing.

Cardiovascular exercise for heart health is an important part of staying fit. A workout for seniors should also include some resistance training as well. Exercise bands can be used when starting an exercise routine. They provide low-to-moderate resistance, and if the stretch becomes uncomfortable, it’s easy for the senior to stop the movement.

Free weights can also be added to the list of the best exercise equipment for seniors. A set of weights, ranging up from 2-10 lbs., allow a person to easily switch the level of weight used for a more challenging workout when needed.

When choosing exercise equipment for older adults, keep in mind that you will get what you pay for. A higher-priced item will be better constructed and is less likely to have mechanical defects.

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