Dress in Layers to Stay Active in Winter

We know that it’s important to stay active for general health, as well as to reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke. When the mercury plummets, it can be tempting to think that humans should adopt the hibernation idea and not come out until spring. With a bit of planning, we can dress for the weather and continue exercising out of doors.

The layer of clothing closest to the body should be made of synthetic materials. The idea is choose a fabric that keeps moisture away from the body and that dries quickly. Socks made from synthetic fibers will help to keep feet warm and dry.

The next layer of clothing helps to keep the body warm. Wear a long-sleeved T-shirt or sweatshirt, or a pullover made from fleece. Running pants can be worn for extra protection, if desired.

Keeping the extremities protected from the cold is a must when trying to stay active in winter. Put on a warm toque to guard against losing body heat from the top of the head. Lined gloves or mittens made from waterproof materials will keep hand warm.

The outside layer should include a windproof jacket. For people who are going to be running during the winter months, a sturdy pair of running shoes may be worn. When conditions are icy, add an overshoe with carbide spikes to avoid slipping. For other winter activities, a pair of lined boots are a good choice.

Once you are dressed in layers, you are ready to head outside. Colder temperatures don’t need to be a barrier to people who want to stay active and have a healthy lifestyle.

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