Choosing the Right Exercise Shoes for Seniors

The right shoes are very important for seniors who want to maintain or improve their level of physical activity. If the footwear is poor fitting or doesn’t provide enough support, it won’t feel comfortable. A person of any age who develops blisters or other foot problems is not likely to want to continue wearing the shoes or being physically active.

When seniors go shopping for shores to exercise in, they need to consider the kinds of activities they will be doing. If they are planning to go jogging, finding a shoe that provides a good level of shock absorption when the heel hits the ground during the activity.

Walking shoes should provide a comfortable fit, as well as good padding. The style should have a wide enough toe so that the foot doesn’t feel pressed or squeezed. A good quality walking shoe will have a rigid arch and a stiff heel. A person who will be walking or running on a hard surface, such as pavement, will want to choose a shoe that has enough cushioning to compensate for the shock that occurs when the foot strikes the ground. The legs and feet take a certain amount of pounding when walking or running on a treadmill, and good quality shoes are needed for this activity.

When shopping for shoes, it’s important for all customers, including seniors, to wear the same style socks as they plan to wear while exercising. The size of the feet changes as a person ages, and so it’s a good idea for seniors to have their feet measured before buying exercise shoes. The right size shoe will not feel tight, but it also won’t be so loose that the foot slides toward the front of the shoe while walking or running.

The best time to shop for shoes is in the late afternoon. Feet naturally swell as the day goes on, and waiting until this point to visit a store to pick out exercise footwear means getting the right fit. It’s a good idea to wear a pair of walking or running shoes for several minutes at the store before making a decision.

Visiting a specialty store staffed by employees who are knowledgeable about the products they sell is the best place to buy exercise shoes for seniors. The customer can get help to find the right shoe for the kinds of activities they will be engaging in. Once they find a style that fits well, they are more likely to continue exercising regularly.

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