Excessive Thirst May be Sign of Diabetes

by Jodee on February 19, 2010

Being thirsty is a signal that we aren’t ingesting enough fluids, but feeling thirsty all the time may be a sign of a more serious health condition, such as diabetes. Many people don’t drink enough fluids as part of their daily routine and the advice to drink eight glasses of water per day is good something that we should be doing.

Is the change in your level of thirst sudden? Consider your recent health. If you have recently had a bout of a stomach bug or diarrhea, your body may be letting you know that you need to replenish the fluids lost during the illness.

Other lifestyle changes can trigger increased thirst as well. If you have recently started increasing your level of physical activity or started dieting, you may feel more thirsty than usual. Taking certain medications can also increase thirst. If you have recently started taking a new one or have changed your dosage for an existing prescription, check with your doctor or pharmacist to see if your medicine may be the culprit.

If your overall health has been good and you haven’t made any changes to your lifestyle recently and you are feeling more thirsty than usual, make an appointment to see your doctor. The excessive thirst is even more alarming if it is accompanied by other symptoms of diabetes, such as:

  • Blurred Vision
  • Cuts That Don’t Heal Properly
  • Dry/Itchy Skin
  • Fatigue
  • Increased Urination
  • Recurring Vaginal Yeast Infections
  • Tingling/Numbness in the Hands or Feet
  • Unexplained Aches and Pains
  • Weight Loss

Many people have diabetes and aren’t aware of it. The early symptoms of this disease are easy to overlook, and without being tested, the patient will not know they have it.

Excessive thirst is a symptom that warrants a trip to the doctor. Diabetes can lead to several serious health issues, and needs to be managed appropriately. Getting tested is a simple process, and if diabetes is the reason for excessive thirst the patient can get the help he or she needs.

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