Diabetes Epidemic Affecting Population in China

by Jodee on March 30, 2010

With approximately 1.3 billion people, China has the world’s largest population. This country is also dealing with a massive increase in the number of people living with diabetes. The New England Journal of Medicine has released the results of a study indicating that an estimated 92 million people have the disorder, which represents nearly 10 percent of the population.

The study, which was conducted by Chinese researchers, included the following released statement: “”Given its large population, China may bear a higher diabetes-related burden than any other country.” Along with the number of people who have been diagnosed with diabetes in China, another 148 million people are considered to be pre-diabetic. These people are showing early signs of developing the disease, which has been linked to the risk of heart disease. Cardiovascular disorders are the leading cause of death in China.

It’s possible for a person with diabetes to be unaware that they have the disorder, and this is certainly true in China, where most cases remain undiagnosed.

Economic Conditions Lead to Health Consequences

As China’s economy picked up speed in the 1980s, the country saw a large influx of people to cities in search of work. The change in residence led to change in lifestyle, with more people driving cars instead of riding bicycles. Instead of following a traditional diet, Chinese workers started eating more fast food.

The urban population is no longer dealing with challenges in finding enough to eat, and as a result, obesity is a growing problem in this country. An estimated 60 million people in China are obese, and another 200 million are overweight.

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